Welcome to Birth Guardians Egypt

Hi, I’m Karen, and I can’t wait to meet you. Here is a bit about me.

My certifications include:

AMANI Doula, AMANI Certified Childbirth Educator, Waterbirth International, Blissborn Hypnobirthing, GentleBirth Instructor, & Evidence Based Birth Instructor.

I love women, I love Egypt, and I am passionate about helping women create a birthing environment that is empowering, positive and joyful, the way God intended.

If you are pregnant, this is the place for you to find everything you need to know, to become fully prepared for your birth.

If you just had a baby, and have questions about your baby, postpartum, or breastfeeding, you will find answers here.

If you are passionate about women’s health and babies, Birth Guardians Egypt is the only certification program designed specifically for Egyptian women who desire to help other Egyptian women.

At Birth Guardians, we specialize in helping you resolve breastfeeding issues, postpartum care, address emotional traumas that can affect your pregnancy and birth. Our mission is to empower Egyptian women to take back their birth experience by educating you and passing that education on to the next generation. Historically, women gave birth surrounded by other women.

Together we can make that happen today and in the future as well.