Birth Guardians is Redefining Your Birthing Experience

Our Classes focus on Evidence Based Childbirth Education that emphasizes informed consent, as well as individual personalized care during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

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Birth is not just a physical act. It is mental, spiritual and very emotional. You were made to give birth. You just need help to learn how to erase the tapes that have been programmed into your brain because of the medicalized birth culture today. You need help to re-program your brain to understand how your body works, so you can overcome the fear, and embrace the powerful woman that God created you to be.

When Education…

At The Birth Guardian Academy, our childbirth classes focus on everything you need to know about your pregnancy, labor and birth of your baby. Learn how God created you body and how it works to grow AND deliver a brand new human. Develop a plan, learn what it means to make decisions based on Informed Consent, rather than fear and ignorance.

And Preparation Meet…..

As you approach the birth of you baby, you recognize that changes are about to happen. Step by step, in our classes, learn what exercises are beneficial and why. How does nutrition affect your growing baby? What are the emotional highs and lows, and how to process through to make your baby’s birthday a positive experience for everyone.

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Knowing what to expect and preparing for your labor and create an environment for a JOYFUL Birth.

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